The Marathon from Honeywell is a compact field computer for mobile workers. Together with the docking station, it replaces notebooks, desktops and tablet PCs. Prominent communication features (WWAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) ensure for optimal connectivity, including and especially when you are on-the-go. Weighing less than 990 g and with a slim profile of 3 cm, the Marathon fits nicely in your hands, plus its durability far surpasses traditional notebooks and tablets. Certified with an IP65 rating, it withstands drops from heights of 1.2 m and resists dust, dirt and water. When it comes to battery management, the Marathon is true to its name: this endurance runner specially delivers full performance for more than three hours for mobile workers, and up to eight hours with its high performance extended battery. It comes equipped with a 400 nits bright touch display (17.8 cm/7» screen size), a lighted keyboard, digital camera, biometric mouse, as well as an optional 2D imager module and magnetic card reader. Another exceptional feature: you can also use this compact PC in extreme temperatures of -20 °C to +50 °C without any trouble.



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