The Dolphin 75e from Honeywell is a hybrid of smartphone and mobile terminal. Robust yet elegant – here you have the perfect mix of professional and personal use. What makes it really stand apart: a large 4.3» multi-touch display, Windows 8.1 Handheld or Android 4.4, and up to 12 hours of operation time with a single battery charge. Plus, battery changes are quick and easy. The Dolphin 75e is slimmer and sleeker than standard industrially-suited terminals, thanks to its magnesium housing for extra robustness that standard consumer devices lack, in order to meet the daily requirements of the mobile worker. But the housing of the Dolphin 75e is more than just good-looking: it resists water and dust, according to protection class IP67, and it withstands repeated drops onto concrete from a height of 1.20 m. For example, those who work in warehousing and logistics, as well as in retail, will find the Dolphin 75e an indispensable helper. When it comes to communication, you are on the safe side with the Dolphin 75e. Voice and data transfer via 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC) expand the functionality of this device. Up to now, NFC was particularly interesting for cashless payments of small amounts in retail; however, it also serves future-proof data transfer – completely contactless and reliable. The large 4.3» touch screen delivers extraordinary picture quality. Whether indoors or out, the bright background lighting ensures that you easily recognise everything on the display. For more damage resistance, the display is made of Gorilla glass; additionally it is equipped with capacitive dual-touch technology, just like a smartphone, and users do not need to change their habits. It also features an integrated powerful 2D imager for all common barcodes, as well as an 8 megapixel camera for capturing transportation damages, etc. What this means for you: powerful data capture and simple handling, at all times, anywhere.



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