The Dolphin 6100 mobile computer has a handy design, high ergonomics, robust construction (IP54), as well as high performance in data collection. In particular, it impresses when used for shipping and receiving and inventory in trade, but also in production, logistics and light industry. High-quality components are housed in the Dolphin 6100 in an extremely compact mobile terminal with a cellular phone format: the small size of 175x66x27 mm and light weight of only 250 g (incl. battery) ensure fatigue-free, one-handed operation; the powerful Li-ion battery always guarantees operation for shifts of at least eight hours. The Dolphin 6100 is available equipped with a 1D laser scanner as well as an integrated imager, which allows you to efficiently and quickly scan not only linear, but also 2D barcodes and digital pictures with signatures. The imager is housed at a comfortable angle within the head of the Dolphin – simultaneous scanning of information and viewing of the screen increases both performance and ergonomics. A vibration notifies the user of successful scans, further improving operational performance and ergonomics. The patented Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 also included in the 6100 offers first-class data collection and processing. The combination of the area imager with high-end scanning performance, the 7.1 cm (2.8») TFT colour display with touch screen, and the ergonomic keypad with 25 backlit keys ensures you perfect flexibility in daily use. The Dolphin has an integrated loudspeaker and microphone with which VoIP applications are easily utilised, making additional devices unnecessary. The integrated 624MHz Marvell XScale processor (PXA300) with 128MB RAM/Flash delivers you ample scope for your applications and, thanks to Windows CE 5.0, a broad development range in C++ and VB is available to you, while Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 provides you with a complete platform. You will be able to react securely to future demands using the integrated SD expansion slot, with which you can easily expand the terminal’s resources by up to 4GB. With the Dolphin 6100 you are able to connect to almost every existing system: along with the standard RS232 and USB1.1 via cradle interfaces already included in the basic version, the Dolphin 6100 also has a Bluetooth 2.0 interface; a version with Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) is optionally available.



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