Are you looking for a versatile tool for daily company use? Then look no further! Zebra has developed all of the functions and applications of its ET1 tablet specifically for companies. Its enormous performance spectrum impresses from the get-go, plus it has significantly more to offer in the business environment than an Apple iPad, for example. The ET1, using the Android operating system, acts as an optimal manager dashboard for checking data and processes, as well as a practical tool for sales staff service support. But the best part is: the user does not need to choose a function, because the tablet allows multiple users to log-in using their individual profiles. Only the applications and data relating to one user’s personal work area will be made available to that user. This means that each employee does not need his own tablet – without compromising on performance or security. On the contrary, the productivity and flexibility of the users will increase, because each employee has access only to his personal data. Thanks to its elegant user-friendly design, the ET1 tablet is comfortable to work with; plus with its 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN connectivity and WWAN module, it is always a welcome companion for direct customer service. Peripheral devices such as mobile printers, smart card readers or Bluetooth scanners are easily connected via wireless Bluetooth, as well as via the integrated expansion port. This expands the ET1’s functionality, while making the transition to a mobile complete checkout a simple process. This device provides even for mobile payment functions, which saves shoppers from having to wait in long checkout lines, while at the same time ensuring the seller that all sales will take place. Highly robust, this capacitive multi-touch display easily meets daily challenges. Thanks to the extra strong Gorilla glass surface (which is 30% thicker than glass that is used on most devices on the market), the ET1 can withstand falls without suffering any damage. An additional chemical hardening prevents scratches and stains. With a mere size of 17.8 cm (7»), it has an impressive resolution of 1024×600 pixels. For optimal readability at all times, the environmental light sensor automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness. The tablet’s casing meets IP54 requirements, protecting it against splash water, extreme temperatures and thermal shocks between -20 and +70 °C. An additional notable feature is its integrated second battery pack, which supports the system against data loss during the main battery change during operation. This guarantees users uninterrupted workflow and increases productivity. High-end features round out its data capture and playback tools: like its rear-sided auto-focus camera (eight megapixels) for capturing images, 1D and 2D barcodes, videos, etc., the front-sided camera for video conferencing, stereo loud speakers and dual microphone. Additional functions, such as remote control, automatic data encryption for protecting sensitive information, motion sensor applications and intelligent energy management are also at the user’s disposal. Also develop applications yourself, based on RhoElements – a one-time process for all Motorola mobile devices in operation, independent of the operating system. The applications run likewise on all handheld terminals, whereby you will significantly save on developmental and service costs.



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