The Zebra CC5000 kiosk system serves customers in retail, hospitality and in public areas as an »electronic services employee«. The platform relieves the reception area by interactively answering a broad variety of questions. The CC5000 even finds a home in corporations, for example, as a video conferencing monitor. Depending on the application, choose between screen sizes of 10, 15, 21 and 27» (25,7 cm, 38.1 cm, 53.3 cm or 68.9 cm). Even a combination of sizes within one arrangement makes perfect sense. For example, a 27» system assists customers with their orientation in the reception area of a business or hotel. Be greeted by an interactive helper with a smaller screen size in individual departments or at various service points.

The CC5000 computer systems feature an integrated HD touch screen with projected capacitive multi-touch technology. This way, customers using the system operate it as intuitively as their own tablet or smartphone – including swiping, zooming, turning, etc. Otherwise the concept of the CC5000 is aimed at customer service. The integrated 8 megapixel camera and barcode imager for capturing 1D and 2D barcodes offer a comprehensive range of functions. Whether making a price check, purchasing and paying or for video sales assistance – the possibilities of this interactive customer service are multi-faceted. Of course the camera is also usable on all types of video support for both internal and external employees, as well as for video conferencing on a business level. Multiple microphones ensure for excellent voice quality. Bothersome background noises are simply muted, for a clearer tone.

The integrated PC system of the CC5000, equipped with a 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, up to 64 GB Flash and optional 512 GB SSD memory expansion works autonomously as a multi-media device based on Android. A software development kit, central management, as well as extra accessories offer you an entire range of adaption possibilities. This way, you also implement a complete shopping terminal, including card reader and receipt printer. At the same time customer satisfaction increases, since the customer no longer only needs to rely on personnel. This saves the shop owner additional costs, since his personnel is now able to concentrate on other tasks.

Via simple pairing of one’s own smartphone with the Zebra CC5000 customers have the possibility to load real-time special offer coupons onto their mobile device, receive rebates, as well as participate in games of chance, etc. Together with well-engineered and professional analysis function of the CC5000 kiosk system retailers are very well positioned. They easily evaluate which applications customers find most interesting, which sites they visit, how long they visit them, etc. – for even more effective marketing and sales tools, higher profit and long-term increased customer loyalty. Utilizing the CC5000 Series is well worth it for businesses, not only in the foreground for better customer service, but it also gives retailers a range of attractive options for using resources more efficiently and more profitably.



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