The SR31T HC barcode imager from Honeywell promises attractive reading performance and longevity for users in the healthcare sector. It scores well with its robust housing, which not only withstands moisture and dust (IP53 rating), but also falls from up to 1.80 m. Drops from carts during rounds or from the work station are not a problem. The area imager quickly and reliably captures all 1D and 2D barcodes, even particularly small ones and high resolution ones, as well as from displays and monitors. Thus, users in doctors’ offices, in healthcare facilities or in nursing care are well prepared for future requirements. The triple good scan confirmation gives users their choice between acoustic, visual and haptic feedback, according to the assignment and environment. This offers many advantages, especially when dealing with patients, where noise or even light could be disturbing factors. Configuration is easy, using the included software EasySet. Connection is just as simple with the SR31T HC: plug in and scan using a USB, serial or keyboard wedge cable



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