The SR31T barcode imagers from Honeywell promise attractive reading performance and longevity in the most varying environments. They impress with their durable housing, which not only protects the device against moisture and dust (IP53) but also from drops up to 1.80 m. According to the area of operation, choose the imaging technology which is right for your needs. The linear imager captures all 1D barcodes, even from displays. The area imager models additionally scan all 2D barcodes – omni-directionally, quickly and reliably, especially the high performance variants. This expands the work area significantly and even offers enough leeway to meet future requirements. Honeywell makes connection and configuration easy for you with the SR31T. Thanks to Plug ‘n’ Play you simply connect it and begin scanning (multi-interface with USB, RS232, keyboard wedge). Using the EasySet configuration software you set parameters (such as the good scan confirmation) and create programming barcodes. For good scan feedback choose between a large color LED, a confirmation tone or vibration – in any combination you choose – for optimally tailored user settings.



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