A scanner series for every application area: Honeywell’s SG20 delivers all the flexibility you need to equip whole companies with ideally fitting scanning hardware. All variants come with powerful imaging technology set to read either 1D linear barcodes or both 1D and 2D barcodes. Through the choice of wired or wireless models, you set up work stations for stationary and mobile applications with the suitable hardware. The Bluetooth versions have a radio range of up to 10 m to the base station, providing a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. To increase efficiency during the scanning process, the SG20 features a particularly large LED good-read confirmation. This is especially helpful in very loud environments, leaving no doubt as to whether the scan was successful. As a bonus feature, the LED colour may be configured depending on the environment – Honeywell’s EasySet programming tool makes this easy. The elegant SG20 scanners fit comfortably in one’s hand, resist drops of medium height and come with a three-year warranty (Bluetooth models) or five-year warranty (wired models).



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