QuantumT 3580


The QuantumT 3580 by Honeywell is a very powerful, omni-directional laser scanner for all prevalent barcodes. The compact mini housing can be placed or fixed easily onto your counter or the variable base. Its small size paired with an extraordinarily high scan rate of 1,650 scans per second make it the perfect choice for chemist’s, jewellers and other exquisite shops. At the same time, this also makes it the ideal scanner for laboratories, medicine, and newsagents where space is extremely limited. Due to its small size of only 66 x 67 x 108 mm and two available hous­ing colours, the QuantumT 3580 adapts easily to any environment. Mount it anywhere you like without using up your space – on or under the cash desk, on walls, furniture or appliances. The elegant hous­ing will not only satisfy you, but also help furniture and vending machine manufacturers to integrate the scanners into their products. An omni-directional field of view helps the QuantumT 3580 to read the barcode from any direction within a distance of up to 21 cm. If not mounted, the QuantumT 3580 also is an excellent hand-held scanner that is easily positioned and directed towards the product. Of course, the QuantumT 3580 is not only capable of scanning omni-directional and programmable scan fields, but also conventional single-line scan lines (e.g. for scanning from menus with many barcodes).



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