The next generation of corded industrial scanners is here: the Datalogic PD9500 from the successful PowerScan family puts its best foot forward. Its housing is of course robust and the current decoding engine delivers a previously unheard of scanning performance, plus also reliably scans images. Numerous drops from heights of 2 meters do not affect the PowerScan PD9500; neither do impacts or other external influences. It is IP65 certified, protecting it against water and dust, while also making it operational both indoors and outdoors (-20 to +50° C). According to the resolution of the barcodes the PD9500 has a scanning range from direct contact up to 1 meter. For particularly high resolution barcodes opt for the high performance version rather than the standard version. The high-performance version features an innovative highly liquid lens and thus combines the high-density, extended range and standard variants in one device. For DPM applications (Direct Part Marking), where the barcode is applied by etching, laser or inkjet, Datalogic also offers a special version. This variant reads approximately 80% of products on the market with DPM barcodes reliably, thanks to its sophisticated lighting system. A test under real conditions ensures certainty. The target area is in this case clearly delineated by red lines, and in the center there is a crosshair. The read receipt is confirmed by Datalogic’s patented Green Spot, which is projected on the barcode, as well as an adjustable beeper and green LEDs. This ensures for clarity after each scan and significantly increases the efficiency of the user – software errors from double scanning can be avoided. Standard, the PowerScan PD9500 contains a practical multi-interface. Depending on the application, connection is via USB, RS232 or KBW interface. A three-year warranty ensures the long-term investment.



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