With the new PD7100 barcode scanner, Datalogic extends its traditional range of robust industry handheld scanners. This robust scanner is equipped with a linear imager with a large scanning range and versatile connectivity options, while at the same time offering extreme robustness. Its innovative and unique design, as well as the combination of different scanning features, such as high code resolution at large scanning distances, make the PD7100 a truly versatile device that is extremely easy to use. The PowerScan PD7100 comes with enhanced scanning optics and a new hardware and software architecture – affordable performance that will convince everyone. High-performance 1D imager technology (390 scans per second), 3 mils maximum code resolution, a scanning range of up to 3 m and wide angle detection make the PD7100 one of the fastest scanners available – perfect for various applications in transport, logistics, production, and especially wherever thousands of codes have to be scanned as quickly as possible. A rubber-sheathed housing protects the PD7100 against impacts. Even repeated drops from two metres do not damage it. Like all PowerScan products, this dust and splash-resistant scanner complies with the IP65 industry standard and works reliably at continuous performance under the most unfavourable conditions. The patented Green Spot technology and an extra loud beep indicate successful scans clearly, both visually and acoustically, in noisy environments. Optionally, the PD7100 is also available with integrated pointer – a barcode targeting device for the best possible performance. The PowerScan PD7100 is available with two different interface combinations: the standard multi-interface supports RS232, keyboard wedge, pen emulation and USB, while models with an IBM interface and integrated pointer are also available.



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