The PowerScan8300 series is Datalogic’s premium range of robust data capture devices. The PBT8300’s sturdy housing makes it an all-round laser scanner for daily use and continuous operation in industry, stocktaking and retail. Thanks to the standard powerful and reliable Bluetooth 2.0, you can use it very flexibly. Outdoors, its transmission range reaches 90 m to any Bluetooth receiver or the host computer, and with more than 50,000 scans per battery charge and a charging period of only four hours, this scanner fits any work area. With its crosshairs and four additional aiming lights, it greatly facilitates precise barcode scanning. Working under loud conditions also becomes easier with this scanner: an acoustic signal and Datalogic’s patented Green Spot confirm good reads. Its tough housing (protection class IP65 without display / IP64 with display) is designed to withstand heavy impacts, such as two-metre drops, and a large range of operating temperatures; all without impairing reading performance. In addition to the basic version, you can choose models with an integrated display and three function keys or 16-key keyboard.



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