The horizontal in-counter scanner model Zebra LS7808 from Zebra offers best scanning performance on the first run and provides faster checkouts, shorter queues and eventually better customer service. It comes with the latest innovations for bar code scanners from the market leader in barcode scanning technology and offers never-seen performance in the field of horizontal scan technology for in-counter scanners.

The Zebra LS7808 is optimised for demanding applications and high throughput in retail shops and is easy to install and use. Even inexperienced cashiers can get started immediately with this desk-mounted scanner with omni-directional scan window. Hardly any instructions are necessary for such intuitive scanning. You merely have to move the product along the scan window. The omni-directional scan raster pattern reads the barcode at 1800 scan lines per second independently from its orientation – complicated alignment is no longer necessary. Its modern software algorithms can reconstruct badly printed and damaged barcodes on the fly. A stationary design and its large scan window allow users to concentrate on the customers instead of the scanning process, which makes checkout a totally new and personal experience.

The integrated EAS aerial provides item security and increases productivity, as the cashier scans the barcode and deactivates the EAS label in a single process (EAS pulse generator not supplied). Extensive support for 1D barcodes, as well as high-density RSS codes (Reduced Space Zebraogy) and GS1 Databar codes make the LS7808 the perfect choice for fast decaying products, such as vegetables and meat, as well as your own vouchers. Furthermore, Zebra provides additional support for future 1D barcodes and host systems, so that the Zebra LS7808 can be used both today and in the future.

Integrated support for several interfaces guarantees seamless integration into existing systems as well as smooth migration to future systems.



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