lector código barras Zebra DS6708


The 6700 series from Zebra offers extraordinary performance for scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes as well as a number of extra features, e.g. document and picture scans or special optics for very small barcodes. These scanners are suitable for every application that requires more than just scanning a simple barcode, or where bar code and image scans need to be combined into a single process.

All scanners in the Zebra 6700 family are equipped with a CMOS imager. In other words, they are essentially cameras that read, analyse and decode bar codes as an image. This allows particularly fast and accurate scans. Even two-dimensional bar codes (e.g. MaxiCode, DataMatrix or PDF417) do not require that the scanners be moved across the bar code. The scanner can read the bar codes from a distance of up to 40 cm, depending on their type and size.

Additionally, using the model DS6707, you will also be able to scan images and documents. At up to 40 cm distance, this scanner not only reads barcodes, but also documents (e.g. delivery notes, credit card vouchers, ID cards and driving licences) at a maximum format of 21 x 28 cm, which is almost the size of A4 documents. The camera offers 1.3 megapixels and a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. The DS6707 is available with serial or USB interface.

The DS6708 gives you the choice between standard range (SR) and high-density (HD) optics. The standard range version is suitable for all applications with normal 2D bar codes (e.g. for chemists’, document management or flight ticket scanning), while the high-density version is used with very small and high-resolution bar codes (e.g. on mobile phones, implants or electronic components). The model 6708 is available with keyboard wedge or IBM interface.

The optional Intellistand for freehanded scanning is available for all scanners in the 6700 family. The scanner that has been placed into the stand and automatically switches from trigger mode to auto-scan. All scanners in the 6700 series are available in light grey and anthracite.



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