Those who place great value on an exclusive design must also select the corresponding checkout hardware. The barcode scanners of the DS4800 series fulfill more than just your optical requirements with their get-noticed curved design. Thanks to proven reliability they are also tops technically. The 1D/2D imager reliably, quickly and precisely reads all common barcodes. It does not matter if the barcode is printed, is behind packaging film or is digitally displayed. Also use the DS4800 for mobile marketing applications, since the scanner does not discriminate between printed and digital barcodes from smartphone displays.

The DS4800 series also impresses with its high degree of ergonomics and user-friendly properties. Its innovative touch trigger redefines the trigger mechanism: according to your personal preference, activate the trigger via pushing, lightly touching or swiping it. This gives users entirely different scanning performance, offers more leeway for personal preferences, while at the same time reduces user fatigue during daily operation. The clearly marked target area reduces scanning error, thus increasing user efficiency, even when scanning from lists. You may also customize the scan confirmation signal – choose between various melodies and tones.

To better optically integrate the scanner into shop environments the housing of the DS4800 is customizable. In addition to standard white and black the DS4800 add some color, for example corporate colors, a beloved pattern or even your own logo – for the perfect match to your corporate design.

Together with the optionally available Intellistand you may also use the DS4800 comfortably as a presentation scanner. Switching between modes occurs automatically. To change between handheld mode to presentation mode, simply place the scanner into the stand. In a matter of seconds, users have both hands free to pass goods through the scan field. Naturally the DS4800 offers the same performance as it does in handheld mode.



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