CS4070-HC stands for: a high degree of mobility, excellent scanning features and IP52-certified housing which withstands daily cleanings. The mini scanner is ergonomically designed to give mobile workers in the healthcare industry totally new possibilities, while simplifying the scanning of barcodes at a patient’s bedside, in the laboratory, etc. The triple good scan confirmation may be individually adjusted between an LED, beeper and vibration. This ensures that, as needed, users scan quietly and do not disturb patients.

Simply connect the CS4070-HC via Bluetooth with a tablet, smartphone, notebook and you will see that you are holding a pocket-sized professional mobile scanner. Even beyond its range the scanner saves all scanned barcodes in batch mode and transfers them once it has a radio signal again. The battery effortlessly lasts an entire shift, and may be easily exchanged on-site. The ultra small footprint of approximately 11 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm and a weight of merely 93 g make the CS4070-HC an ideal companion for the entire day.



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