With the CS1504, users get an enormously compact and reliable scanner that can perform many specific applications. It reads and saves up to 400 different 1D barcodes and transmits them over a USB or serial interface to a host PC. Via the drop button the barcodes are read or then deleted in order to free up memory for further scanning.

The CS1504 is equipped with an integrated high-performance laser scanner with which even inexperienced users scan barcodes fast and easily. The Fuzzy-Logic technology enables it to read badly printed and dirty 1D barcodes quickly and precisely. A large scan button at the upper side of the device triggers the scan. Users simply have to aim at the barcode and press the button. Scanned codes can be deleted as well. The delete key erases the last scanned code instantly. To avoid unintentional deletion, this key can also be disabled by software.

To program the CS1504, Zebra provides a free software development kit. It can be used to control most aspects of the device’s behaviour. Without effort, you create your own functions, determine how the barcodes are stored and control all other functions of the device.

Besides internal memory and connectivity via RS232 or USB interfaces, the device is equipped with an integrated real-time clock. The device can be configured to save a time-stamp with every collected barcode. This helps to attain even better results when analysing user data.

Extremely small dimensions make the CS1504 highly portable – a device that accompanies you wherever you go. A corresponding eyelet on the top of the device and a weight of merely 35 grams, including batteries, make the device the perfect keychain or pendant – users will not even notice it.



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