Improving the in-store shopping experience is a high priority for retailers around the world. Datalogic considers the retail checkout a critical step in the overall shopping experience because it is the final opportunity a retailer has to impress the shopper. Datalogic has developed a revolutionary automated scanner which enables checkout solutions for high volume retailers that significantly increase operational efficiency while enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. At the same time, this new scanner reduces loss from checkout shrink. The Jade™ X7 portal scanner is a unique data collection device incorporating technology that allows the shopper to place items in any orientation onto a moving checkstand belt. The items pass through scanning arches that contain advanced imaging technology. The arches read bar codes and visually recognize items at a much higher speed than a traditional checkout configuration. The Jade X7 portal scanner is the key building block with throughput performance far in excess of current checkout systems. This allows retailers to provide an enhanced shopping experience for their customers. Datalogic is applying new technology to products and solutions that allow retailers and their system integration partners around the world to re-invent the retail checkout process and improve the overall shopping experience.



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