For flexible operating conditions in commerce and offices, hospitals, pharmacies, light industry, warehouse logistics and production facilities, choose the professional performance of the Gryphon series, also as a portable version with Bluetooth technology (class 2). The scanner communicates with its cradle at a distance of up to 30 metres using the point-to-point mode. Optionally, in point-to-multipoint mode, it is able to connect with up to seven Bluetooth devices and any compatible Bluetooth access point, while the integrated batch mode allows mobile data collection of up to 1,200 codes. These are automatically transmitted as soon as the scanner comes within the range of the base station again. A rate of 325 scans per second not only increases the throughput, but also speeds up scanning of difficult to read or damaged codes. Its high resolution of up to 3 mils, as well as a reading range of over one metre distance, are further characteristics that make the Gryphon BT extremely powerful. The patented »Green Spot« increases ergonomics by notifying the user visually when a code is successfully scanned.



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