Honeywell Genesis 7580g


Honeywell’s Genesis 7580g is the world’s first presentation area imager engineered to decode all standard 1D, PDF and 2D codes. It impresses through features such as the progressive revolutionary imaging technology with enhanced efficiency, the elegant, yet durable design, as well as the shallow housing. The Honeywell Genesis area imager is a presentation scanner destined to redefine industry standards for imaging solutions. Breakthrough performance and a versatile form make this product suitable for environments ranging from manufacturing, medical or retail POS, as well as chemist’s shops, medical supply stores, etc. The Genesis 7580g is extremely robust, as its internal assembly consists of only a single circuit board without any plug connections, cables or other moveable parts. Up to now, users faced a recurring problem in presentation scans as they would be dazzled by the intense flashing of the LEDs. The Genesis avoids this by placing the LEDs in the upper rim of the depressed frame within the scanner window. Moreover, with the FirstFlash technology the barcodes are scanned with the initial flashing of the LEDs, thereby minimising frequent illumination. The patented CodeGate technology, with its centrally located activation button, supports menu-scanning and other targeted-scanning applications. CodeSelect allows the Genesis 7580g to capture up to 15 barcodes in a single flash and outputs data in any predetermined order. Optionally the Genesis 7580g also offers a practical EAS function: simultaneous barcode scanning and label deactivation increases employee efficiency. Unlike other scanners with multiple on-board interfaces, with Genesis only the connection cable is replaced and the respective supplementary settings are automatically recognised. In addition, the Genesis 7580g stores special configuration settings for each of the four interfaces in order to avoid loss of settings when changing cables. Also available is TotalFreedom, a programming software independent from the operating system. This software enables customised processing of data in the scanner, which translates into less or no programming work for the administrator.



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