Lector Honeywell 3820i


The Honeywell 3800i industrial linear imager offers you maximum scanning performance, a scanning distance of over two metres and, in addition, has an industrial housing that tolerates the harshest conditions without incurring damage. As it contains no moving parts, the 3800i even works under extreme temperature fluctuations, or areas having dirt, dust and moisture – conditions that would push a normal barcode scanner to its limits. The 3800i is therefore ideally suited for warehouses, manufacturing, sales, and in production and forklift applications, both inside as well as outside buildings. Developed to increase work productivity, the 3800i offers users the exceptional advantage of being able to scan barcodes at a distance of up to 208 cm. As a result, users are spared tiresome climbing or moving about, whereby productivity along with ergonomics is greatly increased. The 3800i scans and processes barcodes with a resolution of up to 7.5 mil, 270 times per second, using the patented Adaptus Imaging Technology and recognises information of poorer quality quickly and reliably. The decoder software, which is specially tailored for the scanner, processes the respective data in a split second and transmits it to the host computer. This technology also delivers the same exceptional quality with barcodes that are faded, uneven or badly printed. With the Honeywell 3820i, you can get the same scanner as a cordless version. A Bluetooth 1.2 connection to the corresponding cradle offers the user an operating range of up to 10 metres. The integrated rechargeable battery (lithium ion) guarantees up to sixteen hours of operation and thereby covers multiple shifts without problem. The shock-absorbing housing case and its sealed optical module ensure that the device can withstand being dropped from two metres onto concrete dozens of times without incurring damage. Even adverse environmental conditions like moisture, dust or sub-zero temperatures cannot damage the scanner, which is certified according to the IP54 protection ratings. This scanner easily survives long-term exposure to cold temperatures of up to -30°C and is therefore ideally suitable in all logistical areas of the cold chain for food retail.



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