Datalogic WebSentinel™ is the supervisory software solution for monitoring operational activities of reading devices. This platform collects and archives the most crucial information related to functional status, including diagnostics and performance, and integrates a user web-based interface for remote data representation and control. WebSentinel™ is an enterprise-wide application. While the central application runs on a server machine, users can simply access data and control the operational functionalities through a web interface. A standard internet web browser is all that is required to interact with the central unit, i.e. the WebSentinel Server. No additional software components are needed to be installed by users. Datalogic WebSentinel™-IMAGES is the new option dedicated to the MATRIX LINE, extending the archiving capabilities to captured images, enabling an effective and precise analysis of processes and reading performance. Thanks to the top level of data integrity and the intrinsic vividness, captured images represent an excellent forensic tool. The analysis of the captures related to unsuccessful reading attempts allow a quick and precise problem diagnosis and top reading performance.



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